CSCC was born in 2002 from the will of the founding partners, among whom three had previous experience at consulting companies belonging to the “big five” group, to create an entity able to provide services under an integrated management support framework to Micro and Small companies, those, having no volume and resources for the implementation of accounting models for decision support, and human resources management, under such an integrated model, could benefit from an economy of scale provided under Outsourcing. Its origin lies in the concept that the tools and models implemented for these Micro and Small companies is equated to the models used by large companies, varying and differing mainly in the amount of information provided and traded.

Having the goal of building a broader offer based on technology and the increase of territorial coverage, in 2007 was started a process of integration with RPGSI group (tech companies) which is present not only in Portugal but also in Angola and Mozambique.

Currently the scope of action of CSCC is wider through the achievement of international clients that exceed the size of Micro and Small companies to Medium companies, which need to maintain local support in their subsidiaries or affiliates and also have the need to link higher level corporate procedures with their head offices or decision centres.

CSCC thus becomes a business advisory, support and monitoring services company within the client scope, providing strong articulation between several domestic and international organizations that are a part of the dynamic of corporate affairs.

Today’s CSCC customer portfolio account´s mostly companies belonging to international groups operating in the domestic market, these alternating between companies with local finance and administration (F&A) structures and others in which these F&A structures are located in several European cities like Paris, Milan, London, Madrid or Barcelona, for which CSCC promotes what they termed as corporate “near-shoring”, a local support bracket for global companies.

CSCC currently provides services, among others, to companies that are part of the main stock market indexes such as S&P500, FTSE100, CAC40 and Nikkei 225. Since 2014 CSCC is operating also in Angola and Mozambique trough RPGSI in order to support local customers on their expansion to such markets.