We assure that all fiscal requirements are being fullfiled, and also all fiscal reports setting and validation.

Tax Review and Assessment Reports Tax contingency Fiscal scheduling
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Tax Review and Assessment

Tax services similar to accounting can be addressed directly to a head office or to a specific corporate division, delivering tax compliance and due reports/tasks, regarding a local company.

  • Managing daily tax issues with local fiscal authorities on behalf the Client;
  • Maintain fiscal dossier storage for mandatory tax requirements;
  • Tax fillings and payment calculation reveiw and supervision (if tax fillings are made by an internal team)
  • Tax form and payment calculation, preparation and presentation for all due tax obligations;
  • Assessment and support to external audit procedures;
  • Corporate tax, VAT and other corporate related taxes, general assessment and support.

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CSCC actually operates with Accounting and Tax departments settled in Portugal, Spain, France, England, Italy, United States and Angola, either assessing them to set their own tools to comply with Portuguese tax report requierments or providing a full service on producing all tax reports..

  • Filling and delivering all Corporate Income Tax, VAT or other corporate related tax forms (periodic or annual) based on the Customer or CSCC´s ERP info ;
  • Set output information on the Customer ERP in order to generate information for tax purposes;
  • Tax form validation and reveiw, when report is made by the Customer internal team.

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Tax contingency

CSCC can support non-recurring tasks of the fiscal framework, enabling companies to subcontract some specific services without overloading its structure in the development of these activities, such as:

  • Advance CIT reimboursement requests (Special advance payments)
  • International VAT recovery;
  • Company representation and mediation on tax inspections or other tax related external diligences.

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Fiscal scheduling

With CSCC services your company benefits from a rendered service focused in integration between tax environment and corporate activity, our work is always adjusted to the individuality of your operation and structure.

  • Company overall fiscal framework, preparation and evaluation;
  • Company overall fiscal framework, preparation and evaluation;
  • Preparation and support for tax benefits achienvment;
  • Transfer-Price file set-up and formulation;
  • Transnational framing in the fiscal scope for efficiently carried out activities;

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