CSCC can provide to your company solutions for permanent or periodic tasks at Finance and Administrative level, both for your local company or branch.

Controlling Invoicing and receivables Office general administration ERP
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This is a high level skilled area that your local company may need on a permanent basis or a specific period of time, CSCC can provide your company with an experienced resource able to deliver this type of service, this way your company doesn’t need to have a local headcount for such specific and non-permanent tasks, once the envolved tasks are due in some critical periods not demanding for a fixed resource allocation.

  • Monthly/Quarterly/Annual reports and closing procedures within the Client closing and reporting requirements;
  • Budget preparation, review and follow-up;
  • Local accounting statements adjustments and reconciliation for corporate report purposes;
  • Other corporate reports.
    This service can be delivered, by week, by day, or even by task, depending on the complexity and relevant time consume for an appropriate execution.

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Invoicing and receivables

CSCC can deliver this service, using its own ERP, or with the use of the Client´s ERP; invoicing and receivables are in several cases periodic tasks that occur in some specific week of the month, or even if made on a daily basis, not filling 100% of a resource.

  • Invoice expedition to customers (physically or digitally);
  • Customer reconciliation;
  • Collecting procedure and bank deposit;
  • Corporate reports concerning credit control.

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Office general administration

If your company doesn´t have enough workload to have its own office manager or administration officer, CSCC can deliver this service, acting under the company best practice policies and following its guidelines, providing a local resource to be at your company office in some specific periods, on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

  • Mail receiving and storage (including sending to headquarters);
  • Contact with suppliers or creditors for information, reconciliation, or payment purposes;
  • Sending invoices and other corporate documents to head office (physically or digitally);
  • Be the point of contact for general administrative affairs;
  • Specific reconciliation tasks out of accounting scope;
  • Collect and organize company petty-cash;

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CSCC can provide his own ERP to be used directly by its customer, by providing it with specific adjustments to each customer operation requirements and activity scope. This software can be used as if it was the customer own ERP, being able to:

  • Invoice issuing and credit control;
  • Suppliers and creditors ledger and payment control;
  • Inventory and asset management;
  • Bank reconciliation;
  • Payment electronic files (prepared to SEPA);
  • EDI interface for invoicing;
  • Management reports for the several ERP areas in use.

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