Law 92/2017 from August 22 was published today setting an amendment to the General Tax Law and the General Regime of Tax Offenses with respect to transactions made in cash.

Thus this latest amendment generally limits cash payments up to 2.999€, compeling to the use of a specific payment method for  transactions of 3.000€ or above .

This limitation is directed to transactions between residents, once non-residents can make payments up to 9.999€, its our understanding that a resident entity can receive in cash an amount less than 10.000€ from a non-resident who does not act as a company or a merchant.

We note that this amendment does not replace the existing limitation arising from the Article 63-C of the General Tax Law which determines that payments of transactions made between companies, merchants and other entities required to issue an invoice or equivalent document, when same or above  1.000€ must be made  by payment metod identifying the recipient.

See law here.