CSCC provides global solutions regarding HR and payroll for local companies or branch´s.

Labor setup and support Payroll Legal Information Management
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Labor setup and support

The proximity method in which CSCC works with its clients allows to generate and dieliver suitable information to their businesses, taking into account high levels of legal compliance.

  • Labor set-up and follow-up meetings;
  • Labor contract framework and specific draft (accordingly to the company activity and collective labor agreement when existing);
  • Internal rule/policy HR document (adapting the company existent one or producing it from the start);
  • General support on decision making for what concerns HR affairs compiling with ruling legal framework .
  • Hiring support and follow-up;
    • Includes all due reports for supervising authorities on hiring and dismissal;
    • Includes support with external entities such as providing access credentials, health insurance, medical exams, etc.
  • Nonresident representation and support for establishment and annual tax obligations;
  • Termination agreements and procedure;
  • Disciplinary procedures set-up and follow-up;

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Payroll services allows the Customer to ensure that the legal frameworks are being met in effect and streams up a task that doesn't bring added value to the Client´s existing internal obligations, allowing it to focus on its business.

  • HR expense forecast computation for budgeting and cash-management purposes;
  • Input tool for payrol data collection;
  • Salary simulation tool;
  • Payroll approval workflow according to Customer approval levels;
  • Phisical or digital payslip issuing with e-mail shipping by automatic procedure (with password to open file);
  • Payslip customization;
  • Fringe benefits integration with monthly payroll (meal cards and others).
  • Access to CSCC web portal with payroll and employee data;
  • Monthly accounting payroll file preparation for upload, webservice, or manual entry purposes;
  • Payroll bank transfer file upload for all Portuguese banks;

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The Customer is guaranteed with a rendered service from a company that is focused on compliance with legal obligations.

  • Annual personal income tax declaration for employees, digital or physical support;
  • Annual company file regarding paid salaries, execution and preparation.
  • Monthly Tax, charges and other files, execution and presentation to the fiscal authorities;
  • Monthly/Quarterly report for Insurance companies;
  • Monthly control and recall for tax and other charges;
  • ax and charges bank payment file upload for all Portuguese banks.

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Information Management

HR information management made by a third party such as CSCC, allows the Cliente to have high security levels and acess control and guarantees workflow confidentiality, while still allowing flexibility and suitable information to the reality of each client.

  • Headcount official record/ employee data file maintenance and update;
  • Digital and physical archive for all concerning documents;
  • Monthly/Quarterly/Annual reports specific design with financial and non-financial data;
  • Annual labor report for labor supervising authorities.
  • Monthly/Quarterly/Annual Company reports with payroll and other data;

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